Will I have to go to court?

This is a commonly asked question but unfortunately one that is difficult for us to answer. Generally there is no need for you to attend court to address any of the procedural aspects of the divorce but we cannot be as certain when it comes to the finances. We always work to help you come to an agreement and avoid a court hearing but sometimes even those divorces that begin amicably can turn sour when it comes to finances or even to children. Sadly we are not able to predict the end result of a case and sometimes we have to recommend court action in order to get the results that you deserve.

You should keep in mind however that attending court in family proceedings is less formal than in other areas of law and is generally unlike what you may have seen on television! You can always discuss any particular concerns that you have with a member of our team.

Customer Satisfaction

“I would just like to thank you and your team for the absolute first class service I received from you all. Yourself (Emily) and Danielle have been so kind and understanding throughout.”