How do I start a divorce?

At Betteridges we understand that enquiring about a divorce is difficult and have a dedicated team in place to listen to your concerns. We will spend the time with you to find out about your situation before arranging a free consultation with one of our expert lawyers where we ensure you get the answers you are looking for and not just generic advice. One of our experienced solicitors will be able to talk to you about the divorce process itself and the best options moving forward. If a divorce is right for you we can go through your specific circumstances and prepare an appropriate divorce petition on your behalf.

We understand that you may not be ready to proceed with the divorce process just yet, it is a big step, but either way our initial consultation is free and we are here to support you when you feel you are ready to proceed.

Customer Satisfaction

“Living in Hertford I had seen Betteridge’s advertised locally and booked in to see Mark for some advice. He was very personable and gave excellent advice and really understood the specifics of my case. I didn’t feel bombared with information and was given clear and concise instructions during the course of my case.”