Now that my relationship has ended I no longer want to live in the UK. Can I take my child with me? Do I need a child relocation lawyer?

Many relationships and lifestyles now cross international borders and where separated parents no longer want to live in the same country it can be very difficult.

In most cases the permission of the other parent will be required to remove a child from the jurisdiction. Where children are removed without consent Child Abduction proceedings can be instituted and there are potentially criminal consequences. It is therefore very important to get proper legal advice.

Relocation abroad is not impossible but it is a significant step and if the other parent will not agree the court will need to be satisfied it is in the child’s best interests. Taking legal advice as to the merits of your application and having that application prepared thoroughly and professionally will be critical to the prospects of success.

If you are the parent that is at risk of being left behind you will also need legal advise in respect of the merits of the application, and what you can do to ensure your child’s relationship with you is not lost or damaged.

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