What is the basis of my petition?

Technically there is only one ground for a divorce petition in England and Wales (that the marriage has ‘irretrievably broken down’) but once our family law team understand your particular situation they will be able to let you know which of the five supporting facts you could use in your case before helping you make a considered decision on which would ultimately be best for you to use.

Completing the divorce petition is more complex than many ‘online legal companies’ make out and any mistakes can have a knock-on effect causing unnecessary complications throughout the rest of the process. Often clients find some time with an experienced solicitor at the outset to explain matters and draw up the initial paperwork is invaluable. If you would like to know more about how we can help with this issue do not hesitate to call us now.

Customer Satisfaction

“To Mark and all the team, thank you all for your hard work over the last three years. It is my Dad’s birthday today and I am sure he would have been pleased to know that we have done our best to carry out his last wishes. Thank you also for your patience, I have none and have found that the most difficult thing.”