Family Law: Trick? Or Treat?

Samhain, All Hallow’s Eve, Halloween… There’re many names for this night of spooks. The same goes for family matters, coming in many names, shapes and scares. We’re here to try and help dispel that fear to help you move on.

In October the shops fill up with Halloween themed items and for a few weeks we are led to believe that scary is fun. Whether it jumps out at you suddenly or even if you see it coming. But what can be really frightening is going through relationship problems and relationship breakdown. Witches, monsters, and ghosts might be make believe but when things get bad we can feel like we are struggling with embodiments of those very characteristics. This blog is dedicated to identifying the fear factors and how to guard against the things that might jump out should you or a friend or loved one find themselves facing family separation.

Firstly as family solicitors we have many clients call us or come through the door upset or frightened by what they have been told by their spouse or partner. Words ringing in their ears such as:

  • “I’m going to take you to the cleaners”
  • “You don’t have a leg to stand on”
  • “I’m going to get custody”
  • “I’ll take you for every penny you’ve got”
  • “I’ll make sure you never see the kids”

The statements above and many others in a similar vein are sadly not uncommon. They may stem from emotional upset or a desire to manipulate the other person into thinking that there is no other way. There is almost always vulnerability on the part of the person making the threat and the person listening to it.

When it comes to your children and your financial security it is only natural to feel threatened and worried. For most people there is no reason why you would know what your legal position is and whether what the other person is saying has any basis or not.

Then of course there are the horror stories that co-workers, friends, and acquaintances are waiting to share of what they may have experiences or heard of divorce and separation:

  • “It was horrible and messy – all out war!”
  • “My other half got the house, the kids, and the dog, I got the debts”
  • “It took years and years”
  • “My solicitor didn’t fight for me”

Being bombarded with this sort of information can leave you feeling like you are stuck on an emotional rollercoaster through a never ending hall of mirrors where maybe nothing is as you thought it would be. Extreme cases however are rare and there will be something that can be done to move forward positively.

The importance of taking professional advice from an experienced family solicitor can throw much needed light on to the potential house of horrors and make the whole process much less scary. Often fear comes from the unknown so arm yourself with the information you need and don’t be tricked. Treat yourself to a free initial consultation with one of our family law specialists today.

Customer Satisfaction

“I would just like to thank Isabel and Stuart for all their hard work over the last six weeks sorting out the sale of my flat. I have used other solicitors before for this type of transaction and every time I seem to remember me saying “never again” but not this time. I can honestly say the only problems have stemmed from my complete lack of understanding of the process but Betteridges have been brilliant from start to finish and dealt with all these issues quickly, efficiently and with minimal disruption to my life. I will always recommend Betteridges to friends and clients.”

John Lancaster