Divorce for Farmers

Betteridges has vast experience dealing with the most complex of divorce cases, which often require specialised legal advice in light of the significant assets involved.  These include divorce or dissolution within the farming community.

Divorce for farmers can be particularly complicated, not least because major concerns such as inheritance, extended family interests and the risk of a break up or sale of a farm need to be dealt with. We would also advise that farmers consider drawing up a nuptial agreement and a will, in order to protect their assets.

It is imperative that a farmer going through divorce seeks a lawyer who not only understands the intricate legalities related to the very specific issues of divorce for farmers, but who also has first-hand experience of farming family life in general. Betteridges team of highly specialised lawyers are uniquely placed to offer this service to clients.

To arrange an initial enquiry  with one of our experts, please call us on 0333 12 12345 (International callers +44 1992 505 406), complete our Online Enquiry Form or email info@betteridges.com and we will soon be in touch.