Betteridge’s team of specialist family lawyers have years of experience dealing with every aspect of divorce. It can be a complex process to go through and you are likely to feel concerned about your rights, particularly those involving any children, your home and your finances. Whatever your situation or your worries, we are here to help.

There is a set legal procedure to divorce, which we can guide you through from start to finish. We will take the stress out of the form filling for you, cut through the legal jargon and ensure that you include every necessary detail to avoid any future complications. We will also communicate on your behalf with your spouse and with the Court.

Finances and property

When you divorce, you may be entitled to financial provisions by way of a lump sum, maintenance, property transfer and pension sharing orders. You can also apply for financial provision with respect to any child or children you have together.

If you and your spouse cannot agree on financial matters or you are worried that you are at risk of losing out financially as a result of an unfair settlement, you must protect your interests by seeking specialist legal advice from an experienced family solicitor such as Betteridges.

When it comes to protecting your assets or concerns you may have about what your spouse might be doing with their assets, we can provide the specialist guidance you need.

Support network

We will support you emotionally and practically throughout the divorce process alongside a comprehensive and highly-skilled support network that we draw upon. This includes mediators, counsellors, life-coaches, financial planning specialists, child psychologists/therapists – whatever it is you require.

As well as being experts in both divorce and separation, we also specialise in two complex areas: Farming and international divorce. Please click on the links for more information.

Next steps

Get in touch with us to arrange an initial enquiry, where our legal experts will take the time to get to know you and ask you questions in order to understand the facts of your case. If you feel more comfortable filling out a questionnaire than speaking directly to someone, we are happy to arrange this.

As well as advising you on every aspect of divorce, our role is equally centred on helping you remain positive, realistic and focused on the future.

For more information on the divorce process, please click here to download our booklet: ‘An Introduction to Divorce and Separation’.

Get in touch with us to arrange an informal chat about your situation

Please do not delay contact us to arrange an informal chat about your situation. Call us now on 01992 505406 (International callers +44 1992 505 406) or complete our Online Enquiry Form and we will soon be in touch. Or email info@betteridges.com.

Customer Satisfaction

“Living in Hertford I had seen Betteridges advertised locally and booked in to see Mark for some advice. He was very personable and gave excellent advice and really understood the specifics of my case. I didn’t feel bombarded with information and was given clear and concise instructions during the course of my case.”

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