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Hidden Assets in Divorce

When negotiating your divorce settlement, you must both disclose all […] Read More

8th August 2018

Clean Break Order

Divorce and the Importance of a Clean Break Order Getting […] Read More

3rd May 2018

Children and Family Law- The tragedy of Parental Alienation

There is no doubt that a break up of any […] Read More

26th April 2018

I’m not married but I want to live with my partner. What if we break up…?

This is a question we are constantly asked; the answer […] Read More

23rd April 2018

How do I change a child’s surname…?

You can change a child’s surname by deed poll, but […] Read More

16th April 2018

Grounds for Divorce….?

It has been a very busy first 3 months of […] Read More

4th April 2018

The 5 Common Misconceptions About Wills: Debunked

Think you know all you need to about wills? Don’t […] Read More

5th November 2015

Family Law: Trick? Or Treat?

Samhain, All Hallow’s Eve, Halloween… There’re many names for this […] Read More

31st October 2015

Divorce By Numbers

This week we have been having a look at some […] Read More

24th October 2015

Pet Pre Nups: Who Gets the Dog in a Divorce?

Whether you’re a dog person, a cat person or even […] Read More

11th September 2015