Protecting Your Business

If you are going through a divorce or civil partnership dissolution, it will certainly have an impact on your assets. Assets may include your business, family home, pensions, investments and inherited wealth.

It’s important to know how to protect your business and other assets in a divorce or dissolution. The business will come under scrutiny in terms of how much it is worth and how much income it can produce. These figures can be very influential when it comes to a settlement in court.

This is a specialised area of law and one in which Betteridges have a great deal of experience. We can help you protect your business and other assets either before you marry or enter into a civil partnership by helping you draw up a prenuptial or pre-civil ceremony agreement, or we can advise you following divorce or dissolution.

At your initial  enquiry with a Betteridges’ lawyer, we will ask you to provide information concerning your business and/or other assets in order to gain a full insight into your case. You will also need to provide a full and frank disclosure of your financial circumstances. If you omit any significant information or you are seen to be moving assets or shareholdings to avoid future claims on them, it could seriously damage your case in court.

We have an excellent track record in asset protection and pride ourselves on our attention to detail and exhaustive approach. The better prepared we are at the start in terms of information regarding your business or other assets, the better we can help you protect them in the long term.

Each case we deal with is unique and the advice we provide depends upon your individual circumstances. Please arrange an enquiry to discuss your situation and we will quickly be able to guide you on the best course of action.

What are you entitled to?

It is not just the spouse who owns the business or assets who requires the advice of an experienced lawyer. If you are the spouse or civil partner of someone who has considerable assets, you may be feeling confused and worried about your rights with regards to these.

For example, if there is a business involved, perhaps you have a role in the business and don’t know where you stand financially? Or you are unsure whether you will be able to continue in this role after divorce or dissolution?

We can answer all your questions and ensure that your interests are protected in the long term.

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Customer Satisfaction

“Mark Betteridge and his team handed my complex divorce and financial dispute with the upmost skill and dedication. Almost every aspect of a divorce featured, including an injunction to stop harassment, injunctions to freeze assets, disputed child support and properties and pensions (with values in the millions). At no time during the process did I believe that I was not being well represented or well informed. I have now moved on with my life and I have Mark and his team to thank.”

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